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9 July 1988
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I’m just a girl from England who flails too much, ships too hard & will one day lose touch with reality. And I look forward to it. I watch too much television, I eat too much chocolate, I spend too much time on the internet and I read more spoilers than I should. I love my fandoms and I respect people’s right to disagree with me. I don’t appreciate bashing, if you have an opinion, that’s awesome but don’t bludgeon me to death with it just because we don’t have the same tastes. I feel strongly about things too, whether it’s my beliefs, who I ship on House or which characters I hate on Grey’s Anatomy given my mood. I like free stuff, Starbucks, going to the movies, making lists and honesty. I don’t like olives, ugly shoes, shipping real life people or anyone upsetting my friends. I’m not good in a crisis; I’m fiercely loyal, I’m clumsy as hell and a vegetarian that can’t give up fish.
I watch alot of shows, ALOT. Some more than others, some I am actively a part of the online fandom, some not so much, some feature heavily in my LJ, others don't. I'll talk about any of them, all you have to do is ask.

fandoms: CSI, Bones, House, Alias, Lost, Heroes, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Without a Trace, Buffy, The Office, Scrubs, Ugly Betty, Supernatural, Greys, Psych, Dexter, Dirt, Dr Who, Torchwood, Teachers, The West Wing, Veronica Mars, Prison Break....there are others I just can't think of them at the moment. If you know of another show I watch, just remind me and I'll add it.

ships (im too lazy to state the shows, if you don't recognise it you probably aren't a member of that fandom): GSR, Angela/Hodgins, Booth/Brennan, Huddy, Addison/anyone, Irina/Jack, Sydney/Vaughn, Jacket....so Skate by default, Smarty, Jam, Janitor/Elliot, CJ/Danny, LoVe, Michael/Sara

I'm also seriously obsessed with Jorja Fox, Kate Walsh and pretty hair (mainly Kate Walsh's and Jesse Spencers). I feel you should know this before, during and after you friend me.
this is here because i suck. I haven't rearranged my userinfo like i said i would in months. it needed sorting. it still isn't sorted. but i am getting there. the sorting and organising has begun so give me some credit for that. it will be finished (eventually) and it will look beautiful. but until then just appreciate that i have done something. yey me.
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